S T U D I E S   I N   I S L A M 

SI 100s

SI 121R LEC 0.50
Course ID: 013340
Islam in the World
An introduction to the caliphates, cities, and cultures of Islam, through film and selected texts, including the experience of Islam in Canada as revealed through its writers. This course provides a foundation for Studies in Islam, establishing a context for multidisciplinary approaches to a wide variety of topics.

SI 131R LEC 0.50
Course ID: 015277
Arab Culture
Integrating elements of Arab history, geography, language, literature (prose and poetry), art, music, theatre, cinema, politics, press, humour, dance, fashion, and food, this course explores varied expressions of Arab culture. Students will also study the phenomenon of Orientalism and the impact of European colonialism upon the Arabs.
Antireq: ARTS 190 taken spring 2016
Offered at Renison University College

SI 132R LEC 0.50
Course ID: 015014
Introduction to Modern Arab and Muslim Drama
The course explores modern Arab and Muslim drama in English from multiple perspectives: literary, social, economic, and political.
[Note: Formerly SI 320R.]
Antireq: SI 320R


SI 200s

SI 221R LEC 0.50
Course ID: 014398
Islam, the West, and the Modern World
This course examines conceptions of East-West divide and confrontation as well as topics of interest, both geo-political and religious, that influence the relationships of Muslims and the Western world. The focus is on the history of Muslims in the West and the challenges of integration of Muslim communities in pluralistic, secular societies.
Prereq: Level at least 1B

SI 230R LEC 0.50
Course ID: 014874
Islamic Visual Culture: Art, Architecture, and Aesthetics
This course explores Islamic visual culture by focusing on three main design elements in Islamic art and architecture: calligraphy, arabesque, and geometry. The course emphasizes the aesthetic, visual, and cultural importance of ornamentation in Islamic art and examines its manifestation in the work of contemporary Muslim artists.
Prereq: Level at least 1B
Offered at Renison University College

SI 231R LEC 0.50
Course ID: 014876
Calligraphy to Conceptual Art: Text as an Image in Islamic and East Asian Visual Arts
Exploring the history of Islamic and East Asian calligraphic arts and the study of Eastern and Western artists, this course examines multiple ways in which writing and other forms of visible language are incorporated into visual arts. Through studio projects, students explore conceptual approaches to text-based image making.
Prereq: Level at least 2A.
Antireq: FINE 204 (STU 001) taken winter 2014 or SI 375R (LEC 001) taken winter 2014
(Cross-listed with EASIA 231R, FINE 275)

SI 240R LEC 0.50
Course ID: 015145
Migration, Diaspora, and Exile in Muslim Narratives
This course examines Muslim narratives written in the diaspora, such as from North America or the United Kingdom. It investigates the diversity of Islamic culture and expression in diasporic contexts, exploring an array of experiences and issues written from various sociocultural locations.
(Cross-listed with ENGL 240R)

SI 241R LEC 0.50
Course ID: 015146
Sacred Spaces and Human Geographies in Muslim Literary Expressions
Using the Muslim dimension as a central theme, this course explores the social, cultural, and political implications to be found in a range of postcolonial literatures from Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. Students investigate issues such as identities, nationalism and politics, cultural memory, and sacred space and place.
(Cross-listed with ENGL 241R)

SI 242R LEC 0.50
Course ID: 016085
Arabic Literature in Translation
This course is designed to examine major themes, schools, and genres in Arabic literature, covering the classical, postclassical, and modern eras. Students will read and analyze selected representative texts. The course will be delivered in English with assigned texts in English translation.

SI 250R LEC 0.50
Course ID: 015147
The History of Islamic Civilization from Late Antiquity to 1300
This course surveys the diverse history of Islamic societies from the seventh to the thirteenth century. The primary focus is on the central Islamic lands from Egypt to Iran. In addition to the standard narrative, the course also examines salient aspects of Islamic civilization on a thematic basis.
[Note: SI 121R recommended.]
(Cross-listed with MEDVL 250R)

SI 251R LEC 0.50
Course ID: 015148
The History of Islamic Civilization from 1300-1800: The Islamic Gunpowder Empires
This course studies in comparative fashion the rise, consolidation, and decline of the three major Islamic empires of the early modern period (c. 1300-1800): the Ottomans in Anatolia, the Balkans, and the Middle East; the Safavids in Iran; and the Mughals in India.
[Note: SI 121R recommended.]
(Cross-listed with MEDVL 251R)


SI 300s

SI 315R LEC 0.50
Course ID: 014399
Islam, Women, and the Modern World
This course examines the lives and contributions of Muslim women in history - past and present - and political, social, and cultural influences that have affected the lives of Muslim women around the world. Challenging stereotypes of Muslim women and using religious, historical, and literary images, the course focuses on contributions of Muslim women as religious leaders, scholars, and politicians.
Prereq: Level at least 2A
(Cross-listed with GSJ 315)

SI 316R LEC,SEM 0.50
Course ID: 015351
Religion and War: The Language and Imagery of War within Islam, Christianity, and Judaism
This course explores the phenomena of militant words and images within Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Considered in conversation with one another, these Abrahamic traditions challenge students to consider the interconnectedness of these communities, histories, and textual traditions.
[Note: This course fulfils an Area 1 requirement for Religious Studies majors.]
Prereq: SI 121R or RS 216; Level at least 2A
(Cross-listed with RS 316)

SI 375R LEC 0.50
Course ID: 014139
Special Topics in Islamic and Arab Cultures
This course allows for in-depth study of selected topics in Islam, Islamic cultures, or Arab cultures.
[Note: This is a repeatable course, subject to different content; it may be completed a total of three times.]

SI 390R SEM 0.50
Course ID: 013354
Understanding Islam
This course brings together the diverse strands that constitute the student's learning and experience in required as well as elective courses of Studies in Islam. Exploring Islam in a variety of contexts, the approach is interdisciplinary and integrative.
[Note: In addition to the three prerequisite courses, a student must have completed at least four Studies in Islam elective courses. Students who do not meet the prerequisites may take the course with department consent.]
Prereq: SI 121R, SI 221R; One of SI 250R/MEDVL 250R or SI 251R/MEDVL 251R


SI 400s

SI 450R SEM 0.50
Course ID: 015353
Reading and Interpreting the Qur'an (in translation)
This course serves as a comprehensive introduction to the sacred text of Islam. Students engage the Qur'an using a wide array of interpretive approaches, from traditional forms of exegesis to new trends in the academic study of the Qur'an.
Prereq: SI 121R or RS 216; Level at least 3A
(Cross-listed with RS 450)