C A N A D I A N   S T U D I E S

CDNST 100s

CDNST 101 LEC 0.50
Course ID: 016331
Introduction to Canadian Studies
A multidisciplinary overview of the broad range of topics covered in Canadian Studies including Indigenous-settler relations, Quebec and French Canada, bilingualism and multiculturalism, regionalism, Canada's place in the world, and the quest for a distinctive Canadian culture and identity in the midst of diversity.


CDNST 200s

CDNST 201 LEC 0.50
Course ID: 015692
The Indigenous Experience in Canada
An introduction to the Indigenous experience in Canada with a broad overview of history, culture, and contemporary issues. This course highlights the holism of Indigenous perspectives through assigned readings, discussions, projects, and sharing of personal experiences.
(Cross-listed with INDG 201)
Offered at St. Paul's University College

CDNST 211 LEC 0.50
Course ID: 015693
Canada: Conflict and Unity
An examination of the fundamental dynamics and tensions in Canadian nationhood, including the following oppositions: Indigenous-Settler; French-English; Center-Periphery; Federal-Provincial. Students will also examine the political and institutional strategies that have been used to mediate these oppositions.

CDNST 212 LEC 0.50
Course ID: 015694
Narratives of Canadian Identity
A multidisciplinary examination of alternative narratives of Canadian identity. Drawing on essays, literature, film, and art, students will explore the perennial question of what it means to be Canadian and examine the factors that have driven different answers to that question over time.
Offered at St. Paul's University College

CDNST 244 LEC 0.50
Course ID: 011607
Religion in Canada
Canada is a multicultural and a multi-faith society. While Christians remain the majority, Canada is home to increasing numbers of Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Muslims, and people with no religion. This course examines religious diversity in Canada, including topics such as religion and multiculturalism, human rights, and selected controversies.
[Note: Formerly RS 319.]
Prereq: Level at least 2A.
Antireq: RS 319
(Cross-listed with RS 244)