R U S S I A N   A N D   E A S T   E U R O P E A N   S T U D I E S


  1. Courses in Russian and East European Studies are offered through the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies.
  2. REES and CI courses count towards the Cultural Identies (CI) Minor; for further information, please ask the Germanic and Slavic Studies undergraduate advisor.
  3. Please also see CROAT and RUSS course offerings for interest in Slavic languages.

REES 100s

REES 120 LEC,TUT 0.50
Course ID: 013653
Once Upon a Fairy Tale: Fairy Tales, Then and Now
This course studies fairy tales in the broader context of the history of childhood and practices of education and socialization. The course will focus on fairy tales of German and Russian origins and consider their interpretations and reinterpretations in different historical periods. This may include figures from the Brothers Grimm and Alexander Afanasyev, such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood, and the Firebird.
[Note: Taught in English.]
(Cross-listed with GER 120)

REES 180 LEC,TUT 0.50
Course ID: 013630
German and Russian Literary Masterpieces
An examination of major Russian and German literary works that have influenced world literature.
[Note: Taught in English.]
(Cross-listed with GER 180)


REES 200s

REES 230 LEC 0.50
Course ID: 012445
The Devil
An examination of the Devil and demonic figures in the Russian and Slavic cultural traditions based on examples drawn from literature, music, the visual arts, and film. Connections to a larger Western cultural context are also explored.
[Note: Taught in English.]

REES 240 LEC 0.50
Course ID: 016554
Mediterranean Cultures in their European Context
An introduction to modern eastern Mediterranean societies, focusing primarily on Croatia and its neighbours, and examining the historical, cultural, economic, and socio-political interconnectedness of these societies, situated at a crossroads of both East/West and North/South communication and commerce. Students will discuss different perspectives on issues such as cultural diversity, gender relations, migration, and the place of the Mediterranean in the human imagination, developing critical thinking skills by analyzing relevant readings and engaging in independent research.
Antireq: REES 260 taken spring 2021, winter 2022

REES 260 LEC 0.50
Course ID: 012446
Special Topics
Selected topics in Russian and East European Studies chosen by the instructor in consultation with the department. The topics chosen introduce students to important issues in eastern European culture.
[Note: This is a repeatable course, subject to different content; it may be completed a total of three times.]

REES 261 LEC 0.50
Course ID: 013008
Understanding Conversation
This course examines the connection between conversation and cultural identities. Looking at conversation means looking at language structures and language choice but also at gesture, gaze, laughter, and emojis. We will analyze everyday conversation as well as interaction in digital contexts, with the goal of discovering how linguistic and multimodal choices convey and construct who we are.
[Note: Taught in English.]
(Cross-listed with GER 261)

REES 262 LEC 0.50
Course ID: 013009
This course examines the concept of multilingualism in society from a social, cultural, and linguistic perspective. It covers topics such as multilingualism in the media, endangered languages, language and identities, language maintenance and loss, language planning and politics, and multilingual education.
[Note: Taught in English.]
(Cross-listed with GER 262)

REES 272 LEC 0.50
Course ID: 008447
Russian Thought and Culture
An introduction to Russian culture from the 19th century to the present day through the close study of selected works of literature, art, film, and music.
[Note: Taught in English.]


REES 300s

REES 364 LAB,LEC 0.50
Course ID: 013636
German and Russian Film Pioneers
An examination of early German and Russian cinema, and the way these two film industries influenced each other. Influential theories of film from the period will also be studied.
[Note: Taught in English.]
Prereq: Level at least 2A
(Cross-listed with FINE 364, GER 364)

REES 385 LEC,TUT 0.50
Course ID: 013650
Culture Behind the Iron Curtain
An examination of the culture of the Soviet Union, the German Democratic Republic, and other states that experimented with socialism in the 20th century. Representations of Marxist-Leninist and Stalinist ideologies in literature, cinema, and the arts; the role of the state in directing cultural expression; and resistance to totalitarian control of culture are examined. Western representations of the Cold War are also studied.
[Note: Taught in English.]
(Cross-listed with GER 385)