V I S U A L   C U L T U R E


  1. For studio, art history, film, and media courses please see FINE (Fine Arts) or contact the undergraduate co-ordinator prior to each term.
  2. For a full list of approved courses in Visual Culture, please consult the FINE (Fine Arts) course descriptions or consult the Undergraduate Studies co-ordinator.

VCULT 100s

Course ID: 013621
World Cinema and Visual Culture
Introduction to film analysis via national cinemas and their worldwide reception, taking into account the role of new technologies. This course acknowledges not only the importance of multiple languages and cultures on the planet today but also the rapidly growing international contexts, complicated chains of production and distribution, and vastly different cultures of spectatorship.
[Note: All films will be shown with subtitles; no second language expertise is required.]
(Cross-listed with FINE 102)

VCULT 101 LEC,TUT 0.50
Course ID: 013622
Art History and Visual Culture
This course takes a case study approach to examining the role of the art object as a means of communication within the history of visual culture. Particular attention will also be paid to the unique properties of a range of diverse media, both traditional and new.
(Cross-listed with FINE 101)

VCULT 112 LEC,SEM 0.50
Course ID: 016358
Introduction to Black Arts, Culture, and Literature
This course examines the evolution and development of Black Peoples' artistic, cultural, and literary experiences from a global perspective including art and design, theatre and performance, literature, music, spoken word, and other modes of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary practice. Coursework is designed to immerse students in analyzing Black art, culture, and literature through intersectional, feminist, and queer lenses. The course is designed for both thinkers and creators. Students will engage in the course material through readings, viewings, and field trips around film, comics, anime, popular culture events, plus the visual and performing arts.
(Cross-listed with THPERF 112, COMMST 112, BLKST 102)


VCULT 200s

VCULT 200 LEC 0.50
Course ID: 013623
Visual Studies Across the Discipline
Weekly lectures by visiting faculty introduce students to how visual studies are conducted across and between the disciplines. Recognizing the vastness of the global study of visual culture, this course reinforces how, despite the diversity of media analyzed, various disciplines share related approaches and theories.
Prereq: Level at least 2A


VCULT 300s

VCULT 300 LEC,SEM 0.50
Course ID: 013624
Visual Culture in Theory
An advanced introduction to theorizing in art and media, highlighting the distinctive role of visual representation in cultural experience and the varied modes of thinking about images that visual representation has engendered. Readings will be drawn from several disciplines including art history, film and literary studies, media studies, and philosophy.
Prereq: VCULT 200; Level at least 3A


VCULT 400s

VCULT 400 LAB,SEM 0.50
Course ID: 015177
Visual Culture Seminar
This fourth-year honours seminar leads students through a variety of topics in the theory and history of visual culture. Through class discussions, readings, and presentations, students will engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue around what constitutes visual culture today and how to analyze it.
Prereq: VCULT 300; Level at least 3B Visual Culture Honours students.
Antireq: FINE 490, 496

VCULT 401 LAB,SEM 0.50
Course ID: 015178
Advanced Visual Culture Seminar
This fourth-year level advanced visual culture seminar is designed to focus student research skills toward the development of a thesis project.
Department Consent Required
Prereq: VCULT 400.
Antireq: FINE 491, 497